In Photo Art Creations we want to offer you the best prices on the best prints of your photograph. Also photo digital art creations either hand painted oil, watercolor or other painting styles as well as special effects looks.

Family Portraits
Usually because of the high cost, only in high income family homes you see a family portrait hanging in their living rooms. Also families like having their parents portrait.
If a photograph, they cost at least $300 (studio posing and professional photographer plus printing and framing). The bigger the print size higher cost.
If a hand painted portrait, usually an oil painting, will cost $1500 - $10000. Again the bigger the painting the higher the price.
NOW I OFFER YOU LOW PRICED PORTRAITS as well as of all the other subjects prints by creating a digital art paint using your photo. They are art creations worked using a computer or specialized Digital Drawing Tablets. They are what you need.
Photographs capture the best of memories. It makes for some of the most precious of moments being frozen in time. Looking at a picture alone can lift up a persons mood. Young parents with kids, elders with grand kids and even the entire family posing together are great picture perfect subjects. Also great photos are you with your best friends gang, sports teams, with your girlfriend or boyfriend, girls with their BFF (best friends forever) and sports action photos. Possibilities are unlimited. In Photo Art Creations, Babies are Top Favorite photograph subjects. And many parents make a yearly photograph of their baby using the same camera settings to record baby growing up changes. Pets are another very popular photo subjects because they are an important part of the family.


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